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This comprehensive set of reverse engineering tutorials covers x86, x64 as well as 32-bit ARM and 64-bit architectures. If you're a newbie looking to learn reversing, or just someone looking to revise on some concepts, you're at the right place. As a beginner, these tutorials will carry you from nothing upto the mid-basics of reverse engineering, a skill that everyone within the realm of cyber-security should possess. If you're here just to refresh some concepts, you can conveniently use the side bar to take a look at the sections that has been covered so far.

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This is not a tutorial for absolute beginners on how to get started with programming assembly, or a “assembly for dummies” guide. Rather, it is a set of notes and observations I have made while on my own journey into the Microsoft x64 calling conventions that I hope will be useful to others who attempt the same path. Especially since there seems to a dearth of useful information out there regarding some of the stumbling blocks I've come across.

My name is Brandon Marshall (aka Marsh) I am currently working as an Offensive Security Researcher. A majority of my time is spent developing internal Red Team tooling, reverse engineering, and exploit creation.

Free Training Tutorials & Videos for IT Courses. provides a variety of resources that can be used to learn about vulnerability analysis, exploit development, software debugging, binary analysis, and general cyber security issues.

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Awesome write-ups from the world’s best hackers intopics ranging from bug bounties, CTFs, Hack the box walkthroughs, hardware challenges, and real-life encounters.

This repository is for the Offensive Security and Reverse Engineering Course. I used to teaching at Champlain College and currently sharing it for free online (check the YouTube channel for the recordings).