The SolarWinds Access Rights Manager was susceptible to a Directory Traversal and Information Disclosure Vulnerability. This vulnerability allows an unauthenticated user to perform remote code execution.

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Lakera’s famous Gandalf reinvented for DEF CON. Trick Mosscap into revealing secret information and experience the security limitations of large language models firsthand.

The world’s first bug bounty platform for AI/ML. huntr provides a single place for security researchers to submit vulnerabilities, to ensure the security and stability of AI/ML applications, including those powered by Open Source Software (OSS).

This document is the latest exciting chapter in the ongoing efforts to enhance security in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

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World First Visual AI Based Malware Detection. The first solution that converts files into graphical representations and checks whether malware is contained or not. We provide user-friendly, efficient and secure malware detection technology.

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Trick Gandalf into revealing information and experience the limitations of large language models firsthand. Your goal is to make Gandalf reveal the secret password for each level. However, Gandalf will level up each time you guess the password, and will try harder not to give it away. Can you beat level 7? (There is a bonus level 8)

AI Capture the Flag. Crucible is a "Capture the flag" platform made for security researchers, data scientists, and developers with an interest in AI security. You'll get access to a variety of challenges which are designed to build your skills in adversarial machine learning and model security. These challenges include dataset analysis, model inversion, adversarial attacks, code execution, and more.

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